Tag: Cosmic

Candy Galaxy Match

Description The most delicious sweets arrived in the heart of the galaxy. The boys will match them all. Match…
24 316

Alarmy Attitude

Description First rocket flight went according to plan and the boys must continue the mission from here. Help the…
18 3,589

Space Rescue Raid

Description Future of human space exploration depends on these brave boys. Tap to fly to the next planet. Collect…
10 18

Travel to Donut Galaxy

Description What is the connection between donuts and galaxy? We do not know yet but it looks like we’ll…
2 96

Cosmic Sparkanoid

Description The bubble shooter has arrived in outer space, among undiscovered planets and shooting stars. The boys will have…
1 29

Contentious Space Flight

Description This space mission needs skilled boys. Try dock as many ships possible in the spacestation. Be careful not…
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Fortuitous Planet Spin

Description Intergalactic space is dominated by color. The boys are astronauts and they have to solve this puzzle. The…
1 3,659
Venturesome Space Flight

Venturesome Space Flight

A new generation of brave guys are ready to get into space, to discover new planets, new life forms,…
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