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Girls Skates and Fun

Description All the girls adore snowboarding and all the boys shall be noted in this sport. Learn some skate…
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Awesome Grabber

Description Speed and agility are the best friends of boys. We can make history with with this interactive game.…
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Crazy Waterslide

Description It’s summer and water parks are full of happy boys. Steer yourself to safety down a dangerous waterslide…
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Minion Traffic Control

Description Traffic police agencies requested aid and reinforcements. The boys are here to provide traffic control services. Minion graduated…
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Hand Drawn Picture Runner

Description Running for health has gained new dimensions and facets for a brave boy. Usain Bolt’s speed workout is…
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Jolly Jimbo Jump

Description A woolly platform wants to test our senses. Help Little boy Jimbo jump up the platform for as…
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All Monsters Are Sweet

All Monsters Are Sweet

Run and have some fun!Players will have to use their skills to avoid obstacles and eat candy,you don’t have…
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cartoon fight

Military Cartoon Fight

Fight bravely to the last second and get all the territories occupied by invaders. Get ready for a breathtaking…
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Soccer Running Training

Soccer Running Training

Today, the boys will descend again on the field along with Messi, Pele, Maradona and Raul. You control a…
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Nitro Club Champion

Description The boys who love speed and adrenaline are invited on this electrifying game. Nitro acceleration will make you…
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