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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (4044)
Picos Mansion Picos Mansion
Monkey Bubble Shooter Monkey Bubble Shooter
Bubble shooter in a hilarious episode, more engaging and most remarkable. In this crazy adventure you can only pop bubble with certain bubble. The more you pop, the more monkey is getting down. Try to prevent the monkey to get the fruit by make it down. Use mouse to aim, left click to shoot, and space bar to switch bubble.
Awesome Bread Pit Awesome Bread Pit
The importance of bread should not be debated. Bread is a staple food for almost all mankind. Boys, we can start baking awesome bread here. Play this cute Puzzle game about Bread Pit whose only mission is to get toasted. Collect all the cheese and find ways to get the toaster! Use the mouse!
Arcade (827)
The Revenge of the Red Apple The Revenge of the Red Apple
Fight against cakes, birds, worms and much more??.
Hero Simulator Two Hero Simulator Two
A boy went on a magical journey to become a superhero. Weapons, arms, ammo, stories about courage, inspiration and respect, all are checked by our boy. Become a legendary hero as you take as you travel from the world to defeat evil and incrementally get stronger by upgrading your stats. Follow instructions.
Ponky Ponky
Ponky is a special car that can jump over any obstacle. However, jumping will slow it down a little
Hidden Objects (1267)
Me Sweet Room Me Sweet Room
Our room is like an island full of small and beautiful things. The boys will start the search alongside a pretty girl. Each of these items can be found in the room your looking at. Click on objects around each room until all the items have been cleared from the list. Focus, use the mouse and have some fun!
Find the Thief of Sherwood Find the Thief of Sherwood
Robin Hood was a boy who fought stoutly for a better world. He became a legend due to his acts of bravery. The villagers have some job to do and they need some tools for that job but they donít have enough money to buy those tools because they are so poor and also it is hard for them to get those money. Use the mouse, find and way and fix this problem!
Dwarf Town Visit Dwarf Town Visit
The cities of adventure books came alive in the world of online games. The boys arrived today at the gates of such a city. We have to performed a fine search to find clues and answers. I was told that I would find friendly dwarves here. Help me to find the dwarf village! Use the mouse and find hidden objects!
Motorcycle (435)
Plucky Biker Plucky Biker
Preparing for hard motorcycle rides is one of the most difficult occupations to a boy. Use my on training methods and you will have at least one medal. Ride the bike on the risky way and prove your biking mettle. We have 4 motorcycles, 3 backgrounds and Nitro for speed boost. Use arrow keys to control the bike.
A Firework Car A Firework Car
When it's holiday time, we all try new methods of transportation. A vehicle can catch even more speed if you have attached a few fireworks. Ride over mountains with a firework car as you try to stay balanced without tipping over. Use arrow keys to drive!
Timorous Bike Racing Timorous Bike Racing
Modified bikes are best friends for naughty boys. There's no easy riding here, so we need ambitious boys, capable of great deeds. Try this new experience and ride your motorcycle through four different worlds during dozens of challenging levels. Do the most awesome stunts and ride at full speed among loops and wavy lines. Use arrow keys to control the motorcycle and have all the fun in the world!
Matching (494)
Porsche Macan Differences Porsche Macan Differences
All the boys are big fans of Porsche cars. Macan GTS, Cayman GT4 Clubsport, 718 Boxster or Porsche Mission E Concept are just a few good examples. You need to keep locate differences between the two pictures in the limited amount of time given to play each time! You can turn off the time limitation if you want to play the easier way. Use the mouse and have some fun with this game.
Match Halloween Chunks Match Halloween Chunks
The blocks must be matched adjacent, vertically or horizontally. Halloween came this year with pumpkins of all colors, sizes and shapes. Boys, this is an ideal game for those who love order and arrangement. Your goal is to remove all the blocks in order to finish a level. You can remove 2 or more similar blocks by clicking them using mouse. Use the mouse!
Spongebob Friendship Signs Spongebob Friendship Signs
Friendship is the noblest segment of the relationship between two people. Friendship is the most precious thing and should not be misplaced. The boys are good friends with SpongeBob SquarePants. Match the cards which have the same character from SpongeBob on them and make sure you link all of them before the time runs out. Use the mouse!
Puzzle (1774)
Quick Pic 2005 Quick Pic 2005
Fast paced memory game! Well you probably all played one of my Quick Pic versions... But I figured I owe it to the people to make a new better design version... The 2005... I will soon upload the HighScore version so you can all compete! Have fun again wi
Audi R18 Car Puzzle Audi R18 Car Puzzle
Audi R18 is a car made for boys who want everything from a car. For this version the tires are narrower than before and the driving sensation is unique. Boys can learn more about R18 from this jigsaw. In sliding mode you can turn on background if you need more help. Use the mouse to fix this puzzle. Audi R18 is really a dreamy car!
New York City Jigsaw New York City Jigsaw
New York City is one of the most beautiful cities on earth, a cradle of culture and civilization of the 21st century. Today we learn more about this city with a great jigsaw puzzle for boys. Use the mouse to interact! New York City is now the most populated city in the USA. Love your city!
Cool (2039)
Baby Care Basics Baby Care Basics
Cute ideas and tips for nursing a newborn are in high demand and appreciation on games for boys. You are a nurse and you must take care of a poor sick baby. After that, dress her up so that she will be the cutest! Use the mouse to play this game.
Parking With Style Parking With Style
Parking With Style cool games for boys, best online games with cars for little boys, learn handbrake turn parking, be the pro with extreme parallel parking, gorgeous games for boys parking with hand brake
Animal Doctor Education Animal Doctor Education
Requirements for becoming a veterinarian are increasingly difficult for our boys. Become an animal doctor and teach others to love pets. This game allows you to easily heal your injured pet by reducing their pain and swelling, along with giving them medication to reduce the risk of infection occurring. Use the mouse!
Racing (1800)
Goodyear Tires Goodyear Tires
Goodyear Tires best driving games for boys, help the man look for the special tires and get them to the jump, use arrow keys for movement, flash games for little boys, each level is timetrial
Suzuki Eiger 4x4 Suzuki Eiger 4x4
Suzuki Eiger 4x4 best driving games for boys, use Z for Nitro, 1-7 for stunts and SPACE for jump, win everything with ATV models like Yamaha Raptor, Honda TRX250EX, Can-Am Commander 1000XT
4x4 Winter ATV Drive Test 4x4 Winter ATV Drive Test
Driving in challenging winter conditions put your senses to test. Boys, have some fun on the road, in this racing game is all about RWD, FWD, AWD or 4WD. Weather conditions are not in your favor this time. Racing on a ATV, in cold mountains can be a difficult task for the rest of the drivers, but you are not a ordinary one. Even if it snows so much and the danger is at all the steps. Use the mouse to play this one!
Multiplayer (147)
Do Not Stand Still Do Not Stand Still
Do Not Stand Still in multiplayer action games for boys. Must forward without fear, jump and collect as many coins for a great score. You can play alone or with a friend.
Mickey And His Sister Mickey And His Sister
This golden couple of cartoon needs the help of a clever boy to complete dozens of challenges. Disney characters are stubborn and tend to not listen to commands. Mickey and Minnie decide to meet on totem pole, of course, they need to be able to successfully collect hearts, lit the totem pole. Use WASD to move. Player Two use arrow keys.
Chain Champs Circles Chain Champs Circles
Multiplayer games are exciting, agitated and always interactive. Fight to save your planet from the enemy planet in-which it is literally chained to in this multiplayer brawler! Use gravity as your weapon as you launch crates at each other and collect powerups to increase your stance in the fight! Use arrow keys to move around, use S to pick up items.
Back to School (394)
Math With Bones Math With Bones
Puppies are hungry and want to eat tasty bones. There is a math calculation for every thing! To feed a dog, look at the number it is barking and give it a bone that is a factor of that number. Deliver the bones to the dogs by clicking on the arrows to change the path. Use the mouse! Have fun with learning games!
Form Of Blocks Form Of Blocks
A new online game for boys from back to school category. In this game you must draw in the form of blocks located on your right in the blue area to make them disappear.
Big Cats Jigsaw Big Cats Jigsaw
The mind of a clever boy must be train with puzzle pieces. Today we learn more about wild animals in the jungle. You can choose between a lion, tiger, lynx, leopard, jaguar, and others. To flip the piece of the puzzle you need to click on it twice. Use the mouse to play it.
Shooting (983)
Mr. Georges Mr. Georges
Tourture the captive with bullets
The Shoot Out The Shoot Out
First person shooter with night vision
Paper Battleground Paper Battleground
You are an army general who exercise on computer. Shoot with the mouse and set trajectory and direction of the gun. The goal of this logic game to hit the enemy chain bomb and destroy the enemy before he did it.
Sports (737)
Spidermonkey's Parkour Spidermonkey's Parkour
Parkour has origins in the military, is a sport of physical and mental intensity, a sport for all the muscles. Boys must jump as Spider-Man, avoid balconies, pipes and other obstacles and reach as high. Use the mouse to jump around.
Extreme Avalanche King Extreme Avalanche King
Have you ever seen a skier swallowed by avalanche? How dangerous it is to ski in extreme conditions at high altitudes? Boys will learn some tips about extreme skiing. A huge wall of snow rushes behind the boy and he need to rush forward, jumping over ravines and keep up to collect coins, floating in the air. Help him arrive safely at the end of the slope.
Those Funky Skaters Those Funky Skaters
Skateboarders are all about show, adrenaline and applause. All the boys can be like Gator Rogowski, Rodney Mullen or Tony Hawk. Skate as your selected character collecting coins on the go and keep yourself advancing through the exciting levels. Make your game more interesting by performing stunts and prove your skating skills. Use WASD or arrow keys to move and jump, use ZXCVB for stunts.
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