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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (4044)
Rex Flex Origins Rex Flex Origins
We hang out in a pixelated maze with 1000 tangled outputs. Our boy has a lot of work for now. Go through and solve obstacles and grab the bear at the end of every level. Use the mouse to grab items, use arrow keys to move around.
Homer's Journey Homer's Journey
Homer left work and wants to have fun few hours. Go through all the levels and avoid the dangers and other imminent obstacles, to bring a smile in Springfield. It's a retro game, in which Homer wants to prove that it is immortal.
The Snoring Elephant The Snoring Elephant
Snoring can be annoying when it happens often and loudly. The boys have to make a getaway in the animal kingdom to solve a thorny problem. The animals in the jungle will need to work together as a team to topple the sleeping elephant from his cozy position to wake him up and stop his snoring. Use the mouse.
Arcade (827)
Bunny Snake Bunny Snake
The animals have gone crazy and started a course of mutual alienation. Move the snake around the maze to eat all the rabbits. Each rabbit you eat adds more sections to the snake. Try to eat all of them without biting your own tail.
The Stick Game The Stick Game
Check out the way of the exploding stick!
O My Head O My Head
You are a barber shave off the hair on four heads using your razor.
Hidden Objects (1267)
Night Farm Search Night Farm Search
Such a night is always shrouded in mystery. Boys arrived in rural areas, at the farm, for a night search. We have to dig through the stables, fan sty, barn, vegetable garden. In the last few days they noticed that someone steals their vegetables and fruits, but their personal stuff, as well. Together with their friends, they organize a mission to find the thief. Everybody is concerned, use the mouse and find hidden objects.
False Alibi Story False Alibi Story
A new police case require an investment and the boys are here to help. Mr. Kenneth was found dead on the small harbor in the center of the city. He arrived earlier today in the city with a plan to meet Mr. Thomas, the owner of one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Letís see what really happened. Use the mouse, find hidden objects and solve the case.
American Taxicab Differences American Taxicab Differences
Try to find differences between two pictures about those two American cars. If in this game you hope to see the usual taxi, which travels through the streets of New York or any other US city, then you will be a surprise. This is not exactly a wheelbarrow to see every corner of the city, because it carries only dignitaries and stars is the highest value. Before you present the ideal taxi. Have some fun!
Motorcycle (435)
Mario Bros Supermoto Motocross Mario Bros Supermoto Motocross
Mario, the plumber with dozens of abilities in field is ready for another attempt on two wheels. The boy is ready for Supermoto and Motocross motorcycles with all that they entail. Mario likes to drive with the wind on the Mushroom Kingdom, but the previous bike had already spoiled and is not suitable for travel. Collect coins, use arrow keys and have some fun on the road!
Motocross Riding Tips Motocross Riding Tips
Motocross Riding Tips cool motorcycle games for boys, new flash games with Motocross Corner Speed, latest motorcycle racing games for boys about Motocross Cornering Racing tips
SquarePants Bike Club SquarePants Bike Club
Speed gets ‚Äč‚Äčvibrant hues in this yellow world. SpongeBob was a motorcyclist in a previous life. He is out on his bike and on an adventure. Collect burgers and reach the end of the levels. Try not to flip over, make it all the way to the end to advance. Use arro keys to control the motorcyle and have fun in this yellow world!
Matching (494)
Duck Breeds Match Duck Breeds Match
American Pekin duck, ancona, aylesbury, the Barbary duck, cayuga and Khaki Campbell ducks are involved in this game. The boys will have some fun with this matching story. Swap adjacent blocks to line up 3 or more of the same type of ducks next to each other horizontally or vertically to make a match. To complete a level clear all blocks to final layer. There are so many exciting power ups to ease your goal. Use the mouse!
Spongebob Friendship Signs Spongebob Friendship Signs
Friendship is the noblest segment of the relationship between two people. Friendship is the most precious thing and should not be misplaced. The boys are good friends with SpongeBob SquarePants. Match the cards which have the same character from SpongeBob on them and make sure you link all of them before the time runs out. Use the mouse!
Raptor Dino Blocks Raptor Dino Blocks
Tyrannosaurs, sauropods, ceratopsians and raptors are the types of dinosaurs and we must pack the them in groups. The boys will go back for a few seconds in the world these animals. Collapse the block by clicking the group of horizontally or vertically connected same type blocks. Bigger group you collapse, more score you will get. Bottom status will show you the projected score for the selected group. Use the mouse!
Puzzle (1774)
BMW 4 Series F32 Puzzle BMW 4 Series F32 Puzzle
BMW 4 Series is back on Gamesforboys with another great car, F32 model, equipped with an inline 6 cylinder engine. Boys can learn more about compact executive cars from our game. Drag the pieces into right position using mouse. Multiple pieces can be selected using Ctrl + Left Click. Use the mouse and fix this puzzle.
Park A Lot II Park A Lot II
Here it is! All your comments were used to create this second version. Hope you like it... TIP: Use x to gear up/run! Use z to gear down/stop running! If you have a very slow cpu, use the Q to toggle
Fiat 500 Cult Puzzle Fiat 500 Cult Puzzle
Italian cars are elegant, chic and noble. Fiat 500 Cult is the ideal car for narrow city streets. The boys cand learn more about an elegant jewelry from this puzzle. In sliding mode you can turn on background if you need more help. Use the mouse to play this game.
Cool (2039)
Baby Room Decorator Baby Room Decorator
Nursery decorating ideas are cool. Boys will create a stylish and organized baby room with the most beautiful and fun toys. Baby room designs are here to turn your child's room in a magical story. Arrange all items by elementary criteria. Use the mouse to play this game.
Frenzy Pretzels Recipe Frenzy Pretzels Recipe
A good homemade pretzels recipe can make famous around chefs from all over the world. Boys, this is the simplest recipe ever! Give the water and yeast a nice mix around in the bowl. Stir with a spoon until fairly mixed, about 1 minute. Some clusters of yeast will remain. Bake some yummy pretzels and organize your own Oktoberfest party! Use the mouse to play this one!
Cosmetic Surgery For Ears Cosmetic Surgery For Ears
Ear surgery for a perforated eardrum, congenital ear defects, cochlear implants, myringotomy and ear tube surgery will be treated there. The baby girl's ear have some problems,she need a doctor,you as a ear doctor,can you help her and check it? Use the mouse!
Racing (1800)
Some Racers Are Crazy Some Racers Are Crazy
Noisy oversize engines invites us to unseen adventures. This boy will see the world. Navigate your lightening speed vehicle through the vegetable patches of the world. Collect pumpkins, flap opponents and dodge the many mad farm animals that have escaped on the way. Use arrow keys or WASD to drive, use ZX to click and Space to jump around. Have a great ride!
Taklamakan Drive Taklamakan Drive
On the hot sand of the desert, driving a car can be a nightmare. Your task is to carefully drive your car in the desert path without scratch it. Collect all the coins it will increase your score. Use arrow keys to interact.
Rebellious Taxi Racers Rebellious Taxi Racers
Taxi drivers think they are as good as those from NASCAR or Formula 1. We have a test for them. The boys they want the victory at any cost. Taxi cabs has to race around the 3D tracks as they try and pass six other cars. You have 5 fire balls to shoot on each track to stop other cars. Use arrow keys to drive on this retro racing venture!
Multiplayer (147)
Volleyball And Tea Volleyball And Tea
A strange version of volleyball at doubles, dedicated to those who drink tea daily. This game is played with the arrow keys and Space Bar. Try to convince your friend in this double challenge.
Fortz For Two Fortz For Two
This one can be played alongside a dear friend, in multiplayer version. You need to take down the opponent on the other side. Use powerups, and watch your ammo while you shooting at your enemy's fort. Use WASD and the arrow keys. Build your own fort in the level editor! Have fun!
Bunny Boats Bunny Boats
Another multiplayer adventure where you can measure forces with a friend. You are competiting with your bunny friends to know who have the fastest paper boat. Catch the bonuses, avoid the dangerous yellow duck and win the competition. Press Enter and put speed as medieval pirates!
Back to School (394)
World Atlas Quiz World Atlas Quiz
The boys must have geographical knowledge to help them to travel and enjoy life. This unique educational game that's perfect for geography learning. The main objective is guessing the names of countries, capitals and flags. Click on the flag, country name or capital name to answer each quiz question. Have fun learning!
Similar Flowers Similar Flowers
Each flower in this beautiful garden has a different color. We must use our memory and find two similar. Match all the flowers before the sun sets. Use the mouse and click on plants.
Study Mathematics Study Mathematics
It's time to give your brain some math training. This basic elementary math exercise game make learning easier. The more you get right in a row the higher your score will be. Always read math problems completely before beginning any calculations.
Shooting (983)
Natural Pearls for Pigs Natural Pearls for Pigs
Natural grey pearls have a special glow. Pigs are smart and can quickly address any type of game. Zuma or related bubble shooter adventures are increasingly popular with boys.Today, we may collect pearls and gems for a great victory. Shoot the balls so that they are lined up in a chain of three or more balls of the same color, then they disappear. Use the mouse and get them all!
Angry Bubble Stroke Angry Bubble Stroke
Bubble shooter stories become more beautiful when it happens with celebrities. Angry birds heros came here to whirling the atmosphere. Just shoot the Angry Birds with similarly colored Angry Birds Make combinations of 3 or more Angry Birds to make them disappear and score points. Use the mouse to aim and shoot!
Royal Archers Unit Royal Archers Unit
Medieval archers were accurate considering the conditions of those times. This is classical defense game for boys who are fascinated by military strategy. Help the archers to defend their castle from orcs and zombies in this interesting game. Use the mouse to aim, keys 1-5 to use skills. Be precise!
Sports (737)
Double Hardcourt Double Hardcourt
Sport gives birth to legends and beautiful stories, especially on gamesforboys. What could make basketball better? Punching! Player One, use arrow keys to move around and Space to shoot, Player Two--use WASD to move and 0 to shoot. Have some fun!
Ultimate Football Quiz Ultimate Football Quiz
Ultimate Football Quiz and games for boys, best soccer players in the world with online games for smart boys. think yourself as a huge fan of football, now here is the chance to put you to some real tests.
Ultimate Football Ultimate Football
Play as the Quarterback and throw passes to your teammates.
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