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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (4044)
Abraham Van Helsing Against Skeletons Abraham Van Helsing Against Skeletons
Abraham Van Helsing is about to begin the final fight. The boy is about to begin the fight with destiny. Superheroes write history by their way of being. The skeletons are back, but you have brought some new weapons! Use the mouse to play this game.
Commando Arena Commando Arena
Udder Madness Udder Madness
Stop the cows filling up with milk to keep them alive.
Arcade (827)
Commando Defense Force Commando Defense Force
The enemies regrouped and attacked us by surprise. Boys need to establish a commando detachment and save the day. Take control and setup camp with the weaponry at your disposal. Fortify your ground and take down waves of enemies in this mission. Use the mouse to interact in the game.
Silly Cat Escape Silly Cat Escape
A cute little cat is going through delicate moments. Boys are here to solve another case. They decided to get rid of her with a cage and a bait. The cat fell into the trap as bait was a piece of meat. Help the cat out of the cells, using all their attentiveness and logic. Use the mouse!
Pingu Sports Pingu Sports
Clear all of the ice blocks to get to the next level.
Hidden Objects (1267)
Bentley Bentayga Keys Bentley Bentayga Keys
A robbery took place last night in our neighborhood. Some Bentley drivers no longer have car keys and boys are asked to help them fast. Each picture has 15 hidden keys. You can afford to choose one of five images. Use the mouse and keep clicking on the image to find hidden car keys.
Ariel And Her Differences Ariel And Her Differences
Ariel is a great character from The Little Mermaid. She is unique, singular, original and always surprising. The boys must spot all the small differences between the two images. Play this find the difference and spot all the differences in the given time. Princess Ariel lies somewhere between these two images. Use mouse to play this game.
Nice Coffee Corner Nice Coffee Corner
A small coffee shop, tastefully decorated and visited daily by residents in the neighborhood, it is the location I chose today. The history of this place is quite rich and it was a really nice place but after few years of work, the place was closed. Find hidden objects, fragrant with the smell of Arabic coffee. Use the mouse.
Motorcycle (435)
High Rider KTM Hero High Rider KTM Hero
Learn how to ride motocross bikes from the best in the the field. Raw power is essential on the road. Keep your arms up and elbows out. Help him to climb jump and achieve and drop. Help him not to stuck and hit by any thing. Keep an eye on timer make before it runs out. Use arrow keys to drive, use Space to jump!
Manic Biker Manic Biker
Are you crazy about motorcycles? Do you like the feeling of speed and freedom on the road? You're a maniac who loves modified motorcycles? Collect as many stars during this difficult route. The sound engine is the most beautiful song for a passionate biker. Use arrow keys!
Monstropolis Bike Monstropolis Bike
The green monster took his license and began to ride the bike through the city. Play by helping him to cross all the 10 levels and master the motorcycle. Although funny, he takes things seriously !
Matching (494)
Match Spell Create Match Spell Create
Today we can give birth to the joyous words. The boys can juggle with letters and words. First you must click groups of similar and adjacent blocks. Under the destroyed blocks you will find letters. Next you can select any 3 or more letters appearing anywhere on the board to form a meaningful word. Use the mouse and create words.
Jake The Pirate Treasure Smash Jake The Pirate Treasure Smash
The most precious gems were found recently and this boy wants to put them in a well-established order. Captain Hook has stolen some diamonds from the Treasure Chest. Jake needs your help to regain them. You have to combine diamonds to make sets of 3 or more and eliminate them from the board to return all diamonds to the chest. Use the mouse, be fast and have some fun!
Fruit Harvesting Culture Fruit Harvesting Culture
We need vitamins! A farmer wants to group all kinds of fruits in different baskets Boys can help in the early stages of this project. Press the left mouse button to start. Match fruits horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Make bigger chains to collect more fruits in single move! Use the mouse to play this game.
Puzzle (1774)
BMW Truck Puzzle BMW Truck Puzzle
BMW truck are back for another tricky ride. An all-electric BMW 18-wheeler is ready to be rebuilt from pieces. Boys, show us what you know about the most famous German car brand. Drag the pieces into right position using mouse. Multiple pieces can be selected using Ctrl and Left Click. Use the mouse and fix the puzzle in minutes.
Audi A3 Sedan Puzzle Audi A3 Sedan Puzzle
Audi A3 Sportback g-tron, A3 Clubsport quattro Concept and Audi A3 Cabriolet are three of the most desirable cars in recent years. The boys will learn more about those models from our puzzle game. On sliding mode you should drag the pieces and make this puzzle. Use mouse to play this game!
Assemble Christmas Symbols Assemble Christmas Symbols
Focus on this beautiful picture and find all presents, very well hidden among other specific symbols. Find the miracle of this wonderful holiday. Collect all the Christmas symbols in a category to open the gifts. Find them to get the words. You have limited clicks in the game. Use the mouse to play it!
Cool (2039)
Judy Hopps Summer Fashion Judy Hopps Summer Fashion
Zootopia just arrived on games for boys with a summer proposal. Judy Hopps wants a break from work! She has been working a lot recently. She's deserved this summer holiday! the beach, the sun and the sea are the only credible options at the moment. Help her and pick the coolest clothes and accessories for a hot summer. Use the mouse!
Big MacIntosh My Little Pony Big MacIntosh My Little Pony
Applejack, Derpy Hooves, Princess Luna, Scootaloo, Pound Cake and Big MacIntosh are back on games for boys for a tricky fashion contest. Dress up this cute little pony with these adorable outfits. Use the mouse, be creative and choose the nicest and interesting accessories!
Whammy Mermaid Palace Whammy Mermaid Palace
Mermaids have captured our imagination with their charm and greatness. Boys, there are many legends about mermaids and all are fascinating in their own way. Mermaids are the most popular and magical fantasy creatures ever! Have you ever wondered what a mermaid palace would look like? If so, you can create your own mermaid palace with amazing decorations and cute mermaids. Use the mouse to play!
Racing (1800)
Uncomfortable Burnout Uncomfortable Burnout
A talented driver is not afraid of any challenge. Speed ​​is a story that ends well for the champions. Use your driving skills to get to the top in this high speed racing game! Drive with the arrow keys and press X to use nitro. Have a legendary ride!
Homer Simpson ATV Homer Simpson ATV
Homer Jay Simpson got a day off from Burns and went to a ride through Springfield. Drive an ATV, collect all the Duff beer for a higher score and have all the fun in the world. If you fail to finish, you will return to work, at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.
Pickup Parking Night Pickup Parking Night
Night parking is extremely difficult, especially when the weather is unfavorable. Boys need to be careful and to calculate movements on the surrounding objects. See how good you are driving a loaded pickup truck in the in winter time. Start with first level and try to finish all. Use arrow keys to drive and space to brake! Have a great ride!
Multiplayer (147)
Elsa And Her Friend Elsa And Her Friend
Frozen is the realm of most disputed missions in online games. The boys will make order in this synchronized multiplayer. Elsa and Anna entered an ice magic world, in a touching story with interesting adventures. Use WASD and arrow keys to play this multiplayer game. Use B to use the magic light.
Monster Catcher Club Monster Catcher Club
Those two monsters can do anything. Panda and his close friend resist this situation and they start struggling against monsters. While panda put monsters to sleep with kick and claws, panda’s friend incarcerates the monsters with the catching balls. Use WASD and Space to play this game.
The Forest Temple The Forest Temple
Multi player adventures for little boys. In the platform puzzle game called the Forest Temple III you need to make use of teamwork to collect the diamonds and reach the exit point of each level. Teamwork is essential in this mission.
Back to School (394)
Symbolic Meaning of Ten Symbolic Meaning of Ten
Number 10 online games for boys, cool games about numbers and colors, Symbolic Meaning of Ten on free games for smart boys.
Didactic Math Genie Didactic Math Genie
Goblin of figures descended among us. Mathematics is much easier to learn when is combined with interactive stories and attractive decors, full of life and joy. Boys should not get scared of numbers, figures and board with exercise. Have fun with learning games for boys.
Fly Over America Fly Over America
Fly around the USA and enjoy the beauty of this great country. Collect all of the stars as fast as you can for additional bonus points. You can fly around Las Vegas, Florida, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington. Dont forget to hold down space bar for an extra boost!
Shooting (983)
Thirty Second Monkey Hunt Thirty Second Monkey Hunt
Hunt down as many monkey as you can in 30 seconds
Shooters Of Gotham Shooters Of Gotham
Batman is back in Gotham for one of the most difficult tasks of his life. The boys must assist in his quest to clean the city streets of villains and thugs. Your main task is to eliminate all the enemies. Use arrow keys to move around, use Space to shoot. Everything is up to you!
Bleed Bleed
A portal is transporting demons into our world. Go on a quest to find the first piece of an ancient mirror.
Sports (737)
Fantastic Free Kick Challenge Fantastic Free Kick Challenge
Have fun with this penalty shoot out game that let you play as the kicker and goalie. The greatest football legends are born in such occasions. Boys can embody a character like Messi or Gianluigi Buffon. Use Spacebar to select the speed, direction and the trajectory of the ball.
Football Crazy Time Football Crazy Time
Boys strengthen their sporting character through their competitive spirit. Score in all goals to clear the level then score as many goals as possible to ace the round. Use Arrows or WSAD to move around and jump. Move the football hero around into the best positions to score.
Golf Ace Golf Ace
Get as many hole-in-ones as possible.
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