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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (4044)
The Harpoon Gun The Harpoon Gun
A great game to spend an afternoon with a friend. Destroy all the bubbles on a level by shooting them with your harpoon gun. Use the harpoon gun with accurately and make the highest score. Play against the computer or a friend, and customize your controls using the mouse or keyboard.
Fierce Fighter Fierce Fighter
This is a side scrolling beat 'em up game where you've to play as Bruce Lee and make your way through.
Robrain Replied Robrain Replied
Robots invade us and want to copy our lifestyle. Those boys still need guidance and orientation. They need that side of humanity to reinvent themselves. Guide the robot in the maze and collect all batteries until you reach the exit. Use arrow keys to move around, use Space to restart the mission.
Arcade (827)
Dora Online Bingo Dora Online Bingo
Are you ready for a Vegas trip ? Boys, you want to win fame and respect? You'll receive a bingo card with nine pictures on it. Dora will take a card out of her basket and will show it to you. She will tell you what the picture is in English and then in Spanish. If you have the picture on your card, click on it. Otherwise, click on the basket so Dora can pick out a new picture for you. Once you get Bingo, you win!
Exciting Mahjong Exciting Mahjong
Logic is the mother of all wise things. Boys will enjoy the most popular Asian game, with new challenges and new exciting missions. Make the highest score possible by finishing levels as fast as you can! You can also collect pieces that are near each other. Use the mouse!
Bomb Disposal Bomb Disposal
Deactivate bombs and destroy the blocks but don't get blown up yourself.
Hidden Objects (1267)
An Unexpected Visitor An Unexpected Visitor
An advanced search is about to begin on gamesforboys. Alice has a cottage located far from the city noise, hidden deep in the woods, just aside the mountain lake. She loves to spend time in her cottage since it is an escape from everything, especially in winter. During this time of the year Alice adores to stay in her small house alone, enjoying the snow and the fresh air, and again enjoying the time spent alone. She starts cleaning the house and we have to help her. Use the mouse and find those hidden items.
Gumball Among Stars Gumball Among Stars
Gumball was wrapped in stars and fame for several years. We decided to send the most attentive boys and to find them all, until the last. Gumball will reward you with his appreciation. You have to find the hidden stars in different images of Gumball. Get your best rank and go to the next level. Use the mouse and find them all!
Frozen Is Numerical Frozen Is Numerical
The boys will shed light on this case of hidden numbers. Frozen is your favorite movie but nobody knows how many details are hidden behind these charming images. Anna, Elsa, Hans, Gerda, Kai and Pabbie will help us somewhere from a distance. Use the mouse and find hidden numbers!
Motorcycle (435)
King On The Bike King On The Bike
King On The Bike in great motorcycle games for little boys. Your objective is to perform the stunts and complete the assigned task to finish the level. You have limited lives to survive stunts. Use arrow keys to ride, 1,2,3 and 4 to perform stunts in air.
Motorcycles of Countryside Motorcycles of Countryside
Motorcycles of Countryside cool games for boys, the perfect trip to the countryside on my BMW bike, free racing games for boys Motorcycle fuel economy
Aladdin The Biker Aladdin The Biker
Aladdin has decided to enter the sandy competition, held on the dunes of the desert, in hot temperatures. Boys must help the prince to collect as many lamps and finish the race successfully. Use arrow keys to control the motorcycle and have some fun with Aladdin.
Matching (494)
Warm Memory Game Warm Memory Game
Train the memory of children can become a memorable exercise. Summer is the best season for warm memory. The boys will suit dozens of items after well-established criteria. Match the same pictures on the memory cards in pairs of two. Find all the pairs and set the highest score. Use the mouse!
Colloquial Minions Match Colloquial Minions Match
Minions will be brought together. Minions are walking in the street in well-organized groups. Minions are the coolest boys in town. Switch two adjacent objects so that three on more identical objects are on the same line. Use the mouse to play this game.
Blocky Blocky Xmas Match Blocky Blocky Xmas Match
The identity of these blocks must be discovered in the following moments. Boys, match everything that comes your way. Collapse blocks by clicking on horizontal or vertical groups containing 3 or more of the same Christmas items. The amount of points you can get for a collapse is shown at the bottom of the screen when you hover the mouse over a group of items. Move to the next level by reaching the target score for each level. Use the mouse to play this game.
Puzzle (1775)
Armor RPG Experiment Armor RPG Experiment
Power up your attack, magic, and defense, and clash against your evil opponent to win experience and items.
Blosics 2 Logic Blosics 2 Logic
Colored balls have a strange interaction on screen. On games for boys, rules and guidelines are essential. These logic puzzles are made of amusement. Launch balls into stacks of blocks, earning points for each green block you knock off the stage. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
Cubitsu Cubitsu
Form a row, column or diagonol of three stars by rotating the boxes but avoid forming lines of skulls.
Cool (2039)
Ores and Minerals Ores and Minerals
Miners must find new deposits for this industry do not disappear. Dig deep into the earth to find metals to sell and upgrade your equipment. Play it with the arrow keys.
Flying the Tupolev Flying the Tupolev
Flying the Tupolev on games for boys, online games with a Russian passenger aircraft. A great 1970s Airline Simulator, you get to control the brand new passenger aircrafts from Tupolev, create an image for your airline along other airline competitors, deliver passengers around 6 countries, use upgrades to improve your plane stability and try to shine on games for boys.
Wreck it Ralph Palette Wreck it Ralph Palette
Wreck it Ralph colors our life every day. We are very glad to present our new coloring game for little boys. Wreck it Ralph needs new colors, a new image of all that is beautiful in this world. Use the mouse to play this game and make him happy.
Racing (1800)
On The Ride On The Ride
Cool racing games for boys, OnTheRide online games, virtual driver simulator, learn how to be the perfect driver
Police Delivery Police Delivery
This is a cargo delivery game. Drive this police truck and deliver all the items to the police station. Race as quickly as you can with this funny car to score the maximum points. Enjoy this game of commitment for everyday drivers.
Mario's Greatest Car Race Mario's Greatest Car Race
Mario is one of the best racing drivers in the world. The adrenaline generated by this competition can not be described in words. Mario and the boys are the perfect team. Choose your favourite character and race for glory, honor and respect. Unlock new characters, use Z for nitro and arrow keys to drive.
Multiplayer (147)
Elsa And Her Friend Elsa And Her Friend
Frozen is the realm of most disputed missions in online games. The boys will make order in this synchronized multiplayer. Elsa and Anna entered an ice magic world, in a touching story with interesting adventures. Use WASD and arrow keys to play this multiplayer game. Use B to use the magic light.
Chess For Three Chess For Three
Chess is the most intelligent game on the planet. Rules of chess for three players are almost the same as in classic chess. The boys can play with friends, against the computer, via network, or combine, for example together with your friend against the computer! We have detailed instructions for beginners. Use the mouse!
Tom and Jerry Are Best Friends Tom and Jerry Are Best Friends
Unjustified hatred turns into true friendship on gamesforboys. Tom And Jerry are now best friends in the world! Help them to collect all cheese and reach to the finish. This time Jerry must take hammer for breaking walls. Use WASD and arrow keys and have some fun with those two.
Back to School (394)
Mathematical Wheel Mathematical Wheel
Drivers today must have advanced knowledge of mathematics. The vehicle is controlled by solving the mathematical equations in the arrows. Solve the equation in the left arrow to move left and the equation in the right arrow to move right. Collect gold coins to add to your score. Collect coins on the road! Use the mouse to click on numbers!
Words Per Minute Words Per Minute
Click the letters on the screen to break squares. Test your writing speed with this funny game. Letters flying like hawks when you write fast. In 15 to 30 minutes you will be using all your fingers - and without even peeking down at the keyboard! As a result the typing course will feel much easier.
Scrambled letters Exercises Scrambled letters Exercises
Mind Games for Boys, Smart Games for Little Boys Scrambled letters Exercises
Shooting (983)
Love Bombs For Zombies Love Bombs For Zombies
These controlled explosions can bring peace in the heart of this soul. Although it seems impossible, even zombies have feelings sometimes. Boys must help a zombie to place bombs in different areas to save his kidnapped girlfriend. Use arrow keys to move around, Space to explode the bomb and R to restart the level.
Thirty Second Monkey Hunt Thirty Second Monkey Hunt
Hunt down as many monkey as you can in 30 seconds
Tank Tactics Tank Tactics
Tank tracks are back on the battlefield to change history. Your mission is to destroy the enemies tank and their nuclear facilities. Use WASD or arrow keys to drive, Spacebar for Stealth mode. Use the mouse to aim and shoot!
Sports (737)
Golf On The Run Golf On The Run
Golf legends were reunited on games for boys. We have dozens of records waiting to be surpassed. You have to clear all the exciting levels by putting the golf ball in the holes successfully in minimum moves. To clear a level, first hit the ring with your ball and then reach the base of the golf hole. Remember. Use the mouse, plan your moves carefully and have some fun with the game.
Adrenaline Challenge Adrenaline Challenge
Race your motorcycle and complete the levels in the fastest time possible.
Mini Pool Mini Pool
The original Mini Pool online computer game.
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