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A Mathematical Twist on Games For Boys A Mathematical Twist
Mathematics can be taught with colorful balloons and interactive explosions. Your goal is to complete each level by changing all gray tiles to yellow. Make matches over gray tiles to turn them to yellow. Each balloon has an addition or subtraction problem in it that is either true or false. Look at the problem and answer, decide if it is true or false and then click on the TRUE or FALSE button. Use the mouse!
AC Power Connectors on Games For Boys AC Power Connectors
Although it is a bit early, boys will learn some basic things about circuits and electronics. Electrical power connectors for substations has a simple and effective logic. You have to pull to the lamp is only one line of the right battery. Be careful, you do not have a lot of cables. Use the mouse!
Addled Collapsabowl on Games For Boys Addled Collapsabowl
We have some colored balls and over 100 possibilities to finish this game. The boys should make them disappear, depending on color and size. Match balls of the same color to make them disappear. Can you empty the bowl in Collapsabowl Use the mouse to play this game.
Adjust Daft Birds on Games For Boys Adjust Daft Birds
Noisy birds are gathered together and we will get them out of the picture for tranquility and peace of all. Boys must match the birds depending on color and collect all points. Make three or more than three birds in a line to eliminate them. Use the mouse to play this game.
Adorable Picture Matching on Games For Boys Adorable Picture Matching
It's time to put order in the photo album. Boys need to gather all the pictures that were duplicates or backings and get them out of the screen. We have photographs with owls, carps, chicken, panda bears, monkeys and parrots. Finish them in the limited time. Use the mouse and match them all.
Adventure Time Mixture on Games For Boys Adventure Time Mixture
Adventure Time has generated phenomenal mixture to match objects with well established criteria. The boys will have to blend them all! Click two or more identical items to remove them. You can score more points if you click on the objects inside the pink bar. Use the mouse to connect objects.
Aged Ark of Treasures on Games For Boys Aged Ark of Treasures
Forgotten ancient civilizations are brought to life with these games for boys. We do not know yet if it is about Incas, Aztecs, Persian or Mayan. We know for sure is funny and stimulating. Use your match 3 powers to discover priceless relics from ancient civilizations! Use the mouse to play!
Alfa Memory Match on Games For Boys Alfa Memory Match
Alfa Romeo MiTo, Disco Volante Spyder Touring, Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde and Gloria are part of this game. The boys will have some fun with great cars. This game offers different cars, but in the picture and you have to use your memory to remember and guess two same car signs. Watch out on time if you donít want to play the same level again. Grab your mouse, concentrate yourself and start to play. Use the mouse to play this game!
Allied Shadow Match on Games For Boys Allied Shadow Match
Have fun with a game in which you eliminate enemy monsters using their own shadow monsters. Move the mouse to align them with similar monsters. Click them to let them enter the region. If the newly added monsters form a group of 3 or more similar monsters they will eliminate the whole group. Use the mouse!
Aquamarine Match on Games For Boys Aquamarine Match
The world of depths challenge us every day on memory and creativity exercises. The boys are back to school for a memory training lesson. Enjoy a nice looking relaxed gameplay marine memory game. Use the mouse, relax and match them all!
Aquarium Zuma Lines on Games For Boys Aquarium Zuma Lines
Aquarium life is full of mysteries and beautiful stories. Boys, this is another zuma in the deep ocean. Destroy fish by forming groups of 3 or more fish of the same color. Click the mouse to shoot the fish, press the space bar to swap the color of the fish to be shot. Use the mouse to play this game.
Arkanoid Xmas Quest on Games For Boys Arkanoid Xmas Quest
Use power ups, reject all the balls and gather all points of the world. Boys, this is an exercise for the real champions. To win a level you need to control the bouncing ball using a paddle and remove all the Christmas ornaments. The paddle can be moved by mouse.
Arrange Beautiful Cakes on Games For Boys Arrange Beautiful Cakes
We need a skilled baker to sort different types of cakes. Boys, it's all about taste and flavor. You can pick a cup-cake from any row. You can drop the picked cake to any raw. Your goal is to make a row of 3 similar cakes to eat it. Use the mouse to play this game.
Aston Car Memory on Games For Boys Aston Car Memory
Discover similar Aston Martin vehicles to group them in teams of two. Boys will learn more about Aston Martin Vantage GTS, Vulcan, Lagonda, Lagonda Taraf or Vanquish Volante. This game offers different cars and you have to use your memory to remember and guess two same car signs. Use the mouse and match them all!
Astonishing Turtle Matching on Games For Boys Astonishing Turtle Matching
Matching games are amazing, especially when animals are involved. Boys should help these cute turtles and bring them back together. The turtle always travels in the pack in order to sustain the baby turtles from getting lost. Help the parentís pair up the baby turtles before they are delayed for the journey. Use the mouse!
Atomic Matching Puzzle on Games For Boys Atomic Matching Puzzle
The particle that can not be decomposed in the chemical reactions was generated in this funny game. Boys will enter into chemical matching of these elements. Remove all atoms by clicking on groups that contain two or more of the same color. Use the mouse to interact in the game. Complete all levels before the combinations run out.
Attach Christmas Links on Games For Boys Attach Christmas Links
Christmas items exudes an air of holiday and good. Boys, all you have to do is connect them, two or three together. It's all about bells, cards, carols, elves, stars, gingerbread and wrapping paper. Connect identical tiles to each other to clear the board. Each connection can have no more than two turns. Use the mouse!
Atypical Candy Match on Games For Boys Atypical Candy Match
A match-puzzle story must include the sweet and savory colorful ingredients. Boys, get them all vertically and horizontally. Make a row or column of three or more candy of the same type to make them disappear. Break all the candy in time to complete the level. Use the mouse and match them all in minutes.
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